Fast 50 category winners
Fast 50 stories, May 2017
Fast 50 stories May 2017
The six industry category winners and the recipient of Most Sustainable Growth award (selected from the 2016 Fast 50 ranking and Fast 50 Alumni) have made a significant impact in their respective markets.
Industry & Most Sustainable Growth winners

Revenue growth: 272%
It is important that future employees and young engineers get to know us as a company with enormous potential.

Bart Dierickx, CTO Caeleste

Revenue growth: 1610%

Winning the award confirms that we are doing well. And for the outside world it’s a fine acknowledgement that we are a fast-growing software company.

Sven Heylen, Global Accounting Manager Collibra
Sync Solutions

Revenue growth: 1538%

Today we continue to offer other technical solutions to give our customers even more comprehensive services. Our goal is to venture outside Belgium and to look towards Europe.

Maxime Pourre, Managing Director Sync Solutions
Media Comizzo

Revenue growth: 515%

This award is a fine endorsement of our efforts for the company, the team and for myself. We began a project which was born of a hobby which we took to a grand scale.

Vincent Parisis, Founder Comizzo
Life Sciences

Revenue growth: 301%
We are big on innovation. Every year we try to renew our technology to keep ourselves at the top of the field and use the most innovative model, to offer our customers the best.

Sam Possemiers, Managing Director ProDigest
Most Sustainable Growth

Revenue growth: 105%

We have the shareholders’ support to keep innovating and keep investing. Only by innovating and investing can we continue to grow and make that growth sustainable.

Olivier Maes, CFO GeoSea
Hardware Caeleste
Software Collibra
Communication Sync Solutions
Media Comizzo
Life Sciences ProDigest
Most Sustainable Growth GeoSea