Booster Programme
Today, the laureates of that first two-year Booster Programme are celebrating their continued success, while maintaining their determination to become world-class companies. In late 2016, these graduates came together to inspire one another with their compelling stories and to demonstrate the value of their support from Deloitte.
Delivered by the Deloitte Innovation Centre, the Booster Programme supports hand-picked startups for two years. Entrepreneurs and innovators benefit from C-level business coaching and mentoring, along with access to Deloitte’s global network, including premium clients.
This support is hugely practical and includes help with raising funds, HR, legal, market research, contracts and business planning. Over the two years, companies in the programme receive 50 days of top level Deloitte services and strategic support. Participants also enjoy the social and professional benefits of learning from one another.
The Booster Programme accelerates the journey from technology innovation to a deliverable product with a proven market. It’s an opportunity for young, ambitious technology companies with a working proof of concept and the determination to play at the highest level.

What Booster Programme laureates say about their experience:
Deloitte Innovation Centre: boosting for breakthrough
In the beginning, it brought us back to ‘What are you actually doing, guys?’ It’s a really simple question, but for startups, it can be quite a challenge.

Kristoff Van Rattinghe - Sensolus

Two years ago, we won the Deloitte Rising Star award and that has first of all given us a lot of credibility and also opened doors that probably otherwise would have remained closed.

Hans Delabie - Smappee

There are many programmes to help startups but this is a very practical one.

Heidi Rakels - Guardsquare

In 2014 the first Deloitte Booster Programme left the launchpad, helping to lift a batch of high-potential Belgian technology startups to their next level of maturity. Several Technology Fast 50 Rising Stars were among the companies to benefit from this practical initiative aimed at startups that have ambitions to grow fast and grow internationally.
Fast 50 stories, May 2017
Fast 50 stories May 2017

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